MauiSails Windsurfing accessories

MauiSails will supply with all necessary Accessories to go on the water or travel with the gear

Loco Waist Harness

Loco Waist Harness

Our Pro team tested this comfortable and durable wave/waist harness and found it to be an excellent choice of materials and construction detail. This structure is always conforming to your desired back shape without losing ergonomical lumbar support that helps you ride longer without fatigue.


  • Body fit seam shaping.
  • Lumbar support built-in.
  • Skin and wetsuit friendly waist grip.
  • Tough 600D fabrics and durable constructive foams.
  • Neoprene buckle covers.
  • Anti-chafing non-slip webbing straps.

SMALL - A 31cm | B 70cm | C 93cm
MEDIUM - A 34cm | B 77cm | C 100cm    
LARGE - A 36cm | B 84cm | C 107cm
X-LARGE - A 38cm | B 90cm | C 112cm

Race Seat Harness

Race Seat Harness

This harness is designed for the serious racer who wants low center of effort and maximum power. The cross strap system under the buttocks assures the harness will not ride up, and will fit low and at the hips. A simple strap system for securing the bar is easy to adjust.


  • Low fitting and lightweight.
  • Adjustable lumbar support.
  • Ergonomic seam shaping.
  • Anti-chafing, non-slip padded leg straps.
  • Skin and wetsuit friendly grip.
  • Tough 600D fabrics and durable constructive foams.
  • Neoprene buckle covers.

SMALL - A 28cm | B 75cm
MEDIUM - A 29cm | B 80cm
LARGE - A 30cm | B 87cm
X-LARGE - A 31cm | B 92cm

Fixed Harness Line

Fixed Harness Line

Fixed Harness Lines

These tough and reliable fixed length lines come with non slip anti-twist boom pads with a double velcro closure for easy fore and aft adjustment.

Sizes : 16"/41cm, 18"/46cm, 20"/51cm, 22"/56cm, 24"/61cm, 26"/66cm, 28"/71cm, 30"/76cm


  • Anti-Twist boom pads.
  • Double velcro closure security.
  • No stretch dacron braid.
  • Durable PVC cover.
  • Two per set.
Loop and Go Adjustable Harness Line

Loop and Go Adjustable Harness Line

Adjustable Harness Lines

The 20"-24" and 22"-28" are used for light wind course racing, for smaller people and light wind free sailing. The 26"-32" are used for extreme wave, free race or high wind course racing.

Sizes : 20"-24", 22"-28", 26"-32"


  • Adjustable on the water.
  • Quick release system.
  • Two per set.
  • Easy to fit on the booms.
Freeride Uphaul

Freeride Uphaul

  • Reliable 25mm elasticized webbing uphaul.
  • Light weight.
  • Won't swing around while sailing.
  • 140cm long.
Mast Base Pad

Mast Base Pad

A flyweight protector that allows hassle-free barefoot sailing without unwanted pain to the toes!

Board bag

Board bag

10mm foam padding and durable construction make this bag the perfect option for travel or general use.

Sizes : Wave 240x60cm, Freestyle 255x70cm, Slalom 255x80cm, Freeride 260x85cm, Formula 235x100cm

Features :

  • Reflective heat shield fabric on one side, tough 600D
  • fabric on the other.
  • Solid 10mm foam padding for maximum ding resistance.
  • Durable nose and tail patches.
  • Heavy-duty non-corrosive, non-slip zipper.
  • Padded carry handle.
  • Inside storage pocket.
Sail Quiver Bag

Sail Quiver Bag

Easily holds 6-7 sails with tough heavy-duty construction for air travel, back of vans, and to be stored in and on top of cars.

Sizes : Wave 220x35x35cm, Freeride 260x35x35cm, Race 310x35x30cm

Features :

  • Tough 600D fabric.
  • Two load compression straps.
  • Vinyl nose and tail patches.
  • Heavy-duty non-corrosive zipper, non-slip zip pull.
  • Carry handles for ease of travel.
Boom bag

Boom bag

For the really serious windsurfer, get a hold of one of these boom bags, They hold up to 6-8 booms and are made robust to travel.

Sizes : Wave 220x62x15cm, Race 290x70x20cm

Features :

  • Tough 600D fabric.
  • Heavy-duty non-corrosive zipper.
  • Comfortable carry and drag handles.
  • Side wall to hold multiple booms.
  • Super heavy duty drag protector
Once again we did over 40 knts of max speed. That's very good for open water and gusty conditions.
Last Saturday in Kanaha Beach was the final day of the Maui Race Series for 2016, with the Meanline Fins regatta and State Championship combined into one day of racing.
Team MauiSails pulling some hardware at the Hawaii state championships.
Guadeloupe Islands are a great place for windsurfing
The BLUESMITHS Slalom Classic enjoyed 20-25 m.p.h. winds and epic racing.

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