Micah moves up to 3rd in the World

10th October 2012

Micah moves up to 3rd in the World

After a successful first season on MauiSails, Micah Buzianis has proved once again he’s one of the best in the business, finishing third overall in the Professional Windsurfers Association (PWA) Slalom ranking for 2012. Micah coming into the last event in Sylt was in 5th place in the ranking had a consistent regatta and moved up to third place.

Micah finished 6th on the ranking in 2011 so moving to MauiSails proved to be a good move for the seasoned veteran and having won the event in Korea ealier in the season put together some consistent events to slowly nudge his way to third place.

Micah moves up to 3rd in the World

Micah had this to say after Sylt - "I’m very excited with how the final results worked out...I thought it would be a big ask to get back on the podium but I am glad that all things did fall into place. Thanks so much for all the support and help from the Maui Sails crew. I was motivated the whole year to be on the water training, testing and tuning and it paid off in the end with a satisfying third place".

Micah moves up to 3rd in the World

Does your boom look old and dirty? Time to change a grip.
Once again we did over 40 knts of max speed. That's very good for open water and gusty conditions.
Last Saturday in Kanaha Beach was the final day of the Maui Race Series for 2016, with the Meanline Fins regatta and State Championship combined into one day of racing.
Team MauiSails pulling some hardware at the Hawaii state championships.
Guadeloupe Islands are a great place for windsurfing

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