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10.1 | Complete 2016 sail range is now online!
We are happy to announce that complete MauiSails range for 2016 including our hot and fast baby TR2016 race sail is online now.

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MauiSails sail rigging tips

By Artur Szpunar

Downhaul (DH) measurement

Downhaul (DH) specification measured from bottom of the mast to the bottom of tack pulley.

This photo shows DH=5cm for a Mutant 4.6. Base extension must be set at next higher setting above the DH specification. For example of DH=5cm, base extension would be set at 6 or 7cm.

Boom measurement

Boom specification measured from clew to front of the mast at center of cutout.

This example shows Mutant 4.6 measuring 164cm. Sail should have between 1-2cm of positive outhaul after being fully downhauled.

Visual downhaul and outhaul check

Once downhauled and outhauled to specification, the tip of the batten above the boom should sit right at the back edge of the mast.

When rigged correctly, the sleeve should be taut, midway between the top 2 battens.



For the racer who is looking at the lightest and potentially fastest TR-9, we are again offering a version using the well tested ODL04 Technora™  laminate. A significant modification to the body panel layout of the TR-9 XT locates materials in a way that best combines the “crisp” feel of monofilm in the lower body with the light weight and softness of Technora™ in the upper sail body and leech. Test results of the new layout have shown significant advantage over previous constructions.

Each size is tested and developed individually and the final designs are chosen based on the best general performance characteristics of  increased range and top speed without compromising acceleration out of maneuvers. Tuning the luff curve and shaping relationships, and evaluating the stretch and orientation of sail body materials have been the means to achieving these goals.

By modifying the TR-9 wide luff by using additional ultra-light Technora™ in the upper half of the sleeve we have reduced stretch in that area and thus added more range and stability with more solid cam positioning, all without giving up the smooth tacking and jibing. There is also the added benefit of reducing weight in the top of the sail.

The outline geometries and aspect ratios have been adjusted on a size-by-size basis to ensure optimum balance and tension throughout the range by scientifically analyzing this with our custom load cell. This controlled level of change going from one sail to another gives us the magic balance of light handling and control in gusts, with sufficient tension for acceleration and forward drive.

For the ultimate in racing success, be sure and add at least one TR-9 XT to your quiver for 2013. We want this to be a year of competition that will leave all the real challenges up to you. Our excellent Maui based test team of Micah Buzianis and Phil McGain and the generous feedback from around the world has been instrumental in the day to day progression of MauiSails race sails. A word of caution though... the refinement found in the TR-9s may occasionally take your breath away.

Available sail sizes » 7.0, 7.6, 8.4, 9.2, 10.0, 11.0, 12.0


2013 TR-9 XT in action

2013 TR-9 XT  2013 TR-9 XT  2013 TR-9 XT  2013 TR-9 XT  2013 TR-9 XT  2013 TR-9 XT

MauiSails 2013 sails range »Legend | Mutant | Ghost XT | Global | Loco | Switch | Aloha | Pursuit | Blaze | TitanGS | TR-9 | TR-9 XT | Rebel | Inspire

10.1 | Complete 2016 sail range is now online!
We are happy to announce that complete MauiSails range for 2016 including our hot and fast baby TR2016 race sail is online now.

Complete 2016 sail range is now online!

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