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MauiSails sail rigging tips

By Artur Szpunar

Downhaul (DH) measurement

Downhaul (DH) specification measured from bottom of the mast to the bottom of tack pulley.

This photo shows DH=5cm for a Mutant 4.6. Base extension must be set at next higher setting above the DH specification. For example of DH=5cm, base extension would be set at 6 or 7cm.

Boom measurement

Boom specification measured from clew to front of the mast at center of cutout.

This example shows Mutant 4.6 measuring 164cm. Sail should have between 1-2cm of positive outhaul after being fully downhauled.

Visual downhaul and outhaul check

Once downhauled and outhauled to specification, the tip of the batten above the boom should sit right at the back edge of the mast.

When rigged correctly, the sleeve should be taut, midway between the top 2 battens.



Racing/Slalom sail
  • TR-9
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  • TR-9 ride with
    Micah Buzianis

  • TR-9

  • Best windsurfing sail ever - MauiSails TR-9 8.4 by Mitja, Slovenia/Croatia

    Today I was on my TR8 7.6 and my brother used his new TR9 8.4. His range was amazing. The wind was blowing from 5-20knots, there was some chop and he blasted all over the bay. Normally I have great speed on my TR8 7.6, but he just drove past me. Incredible! I don't know what you guys - Art and Barry, Phil, Micah and the whole Team - did over the winter - was it something you ate, something you drank... result is evident!!! I must admit - today I was sailing with the best sail I have ever tried when I tried my brothers TR9 8.4.

    Why didn't I use my new TR9 8.4? To be honest, I was afraid that it will be too big in the gusts, so I took 7.6 TR8 - sail that I can handle in such gusts. But when I tried brothers new TR9 8.4 and the gust came - sail didn't even tremble. It didn't move. It just accelerated!!! Amazing!!! Never had so stable sail in my hands ever!!! Congrats to you guys!!! You did it again!!!

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    Rigging tips


During season 2012 we heard great things about the TR-8s, and have evidenced the same in local racing conditions at the highest level. The speed is obvious and even with our PWA Team guys outnumbered, there have been great results. The flashes of what is possible and the full summer to test and develop have brought us to creating the TR-9 and TR-9 XT, which are certainly our fastest and most easy handling version of the concepts yet.

Watching relative lightweight Taty Frans take on the biggest guys and be speed competitive, not to mention schooling them with his wicked inside jibes, reinforced our commitment to make sailing ease and smoothness a top design priority. On the other end of the spectrum, Micah Buzianis, 30% heavier and proportionally as strong, found success and the speed to improve his ranking. His adjustment to our different shaping style and performance characteristics has been easy for us all. Concentrated testing with Phil McGain, also racing and winning at Championship levels, resulted in a number of significant improvements. There is no such thing as ‘it can’t be faster’.

TR-8 was the refinement of a grand change to outline and twist initiated with the seventh in the Team Race Series. Encouraged by results we were seeing in all kinds of racing all over the world, we knew beginning with these successful designs was already a head start. The goal was simple. The TR-9 race sails have to manage increased range and top speed without compromising instant acceleration out of the jibes. We achieved this by tackling a number of elements, from tuning luff curve and shaping relationships, to outline adjustments, and re-evaluating the stretch and orientation of sail body materials.

The modified structure of the TR-9 wide luff increases the use of ultra-light Technora™ in the upper half of the sleeve. This achieved two goals. By reducing stretch in the upper sleeve there is better range and stability, and the added benefit of reducing weight in the top of the sail.

The outline geometries and aspect ratios have been adjusted on a size-by-size basis to ensure optimum balance and tension throughout the range.  Correct tension relationships are confirmed scientifically through the use of our custom load cell. This assures a rational level of change going from one sail to another.  Leech twist profiles achieve the magic balance of enough release for light handling and control in gusts, while still maintaining sufficient tension for good acceleration and forward drive. The new sleeve material configuration allows increased cam pressure to maintain a locked profile, while still allowing painless cam rotation. Added tension in the lower body has been carefully balanced with the improved release in the mid and upper leech to ensure that the sails feel efficient and slippery in the wind, giving tremendous range.

Available sail sizes » 4.7, 5.1, 5.5, 5.9, 6.3, 6.6, 7.0, 7.6, 8.4, 9.2, 10.0, 11.0, 12.0


2013 TR-9 in action

2013 TR-9  2013 TR-9  2013 TR-9  2013 TR-9  2013 TR-9  2013 TR-9  2013 TR-9  2013 TR-9  2013 TR-9

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03.4 | Good deals in MauiSails online store
Boom Front-end for $85USD, Fixed Harness Lines for $18USD and a lot more...

Good deals in MauiSails online store

02.11 | No more rumours! Facts only!
We need to explain why we did not renew the sponsorship agreements with our sponsored racers.

No more rumours! Facts only!

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