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2009 European Freestyle Champion

16th October 2009

Naxos was the last event of the year and also one of the most best for me. From the first day the conditions were very good, and perfect for MauiSails Loco 4,8 on the new F2 Rodeo 98, my favorite rig.

Before the competition started we first had a photo shoot and in the evening we did a supersession in the harbor with lots of spectators. A helicopter crew also made film and photos.

Steven Van Broeckhoven 2009 European Freestyle Champion

The wind picked up during the start of the supersession and we could show our first moves to the interested crowds. The wind got even better so I had excellent power with the 5,2 Loco to make my best power moves. I won the supersession with a ponch-flaka-canabrava.

The next day the real competition started and the wind was again perfect for my 5,2 Loco. I was super confident as my warming up looked perfect and I was very determined to win this last event as well.

But I knew it wouldn't be easy. I passed the first heats comfortably. Then the wind became less to face Van der Eycken. I was a little nervous but I kept focused with good moves, and I won. In the semi finals my contender was Adraz Zan who performed very strong with switch moves on both sides. Luckily my moves were good to go to the final against Andre Paskowski to meet him for the 14th time this year in competition. In this heat I was super stoked and I showed my best moves with burner and many slide-tricks, a full planing culo (in the face of Paskowski), a kono and more. I felt sure about victory, and so it was. The double elimination started immediately and I could relax to wait for the final. Again Paskowski showed up in the final against me. But the wind died to postpone this final to the next day.

Steven Van Broeckhoven 2009 European Freestyle Champion

The second day we started the final in minor wind conditions. I pumped the soul out of my body with the Loco 5,6 on the F2 Rodeo 98 to bust out 10 moves, but the heat was canceled because Paskowski didn't have any moves. A little bit later another supersession was started and I won again with a burner diablo. In the evening the wind picked up and the final started.  Again very low winds and Paskowski seemed to be more lucky to have the small gusts to make good moves. I had to pump very hard but I thought that Andre was winning this time. The heat ended 40 seconds to early and had to be restarted completely. This time the wind was much better and we both made sick moves to battle for victory. It was very exciting but I was pronounced as the winner.

Steven Van Broeckhoven 2009 European Freestyle Champion

The forecast for wind in the next day looked very poor so there would be most probably no further competition. I was so super happy that my dream came true to win all EFPT events this year, and a party started.

The 3th day there was no wind at all. A supersession behind a jetski in front of the beach cafĂŠ was organized. I had some experience of doing this and I busted out ponch, shaka and an air-flaka without any wind. This supersession was won by Akgazciyan with a no handed flaka diablo. I finished 2nd with my air-flaka. And in the evening again big party of course.

The last day we spend with chilling, wakeboarding and finally the big price giving for the event and overall ranking.

Steven Van Broeckhoven 2009 European Freestyle Champion

Double elimination results:
1ste Steven van Broeckhoven (B) (F2/Maui Sails)
2de Andre Paskowski (DE)
3de Dieter van der Eyken (B)
4de Yarden Meir (ISR)
5de Andraz Zan (SLO)
6de Christofer Kalk (EST)

Total Resultaat EFPT 2009:
1ste Steven Van Broeckhoven (BE) (F2/Maui Sails)
2de Andre Paskowski (D)
3de Nicolas Akgazciyan (F)
4de Davy Scheffers (NL)

For pictures check out and MauiSails gallery.


All the best, Steven Van Broeckhoven

Photos : Liis Harmson and Jonas Roosens

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