The first regatta of the 2016 Maui Race Series

23rd June 2016

The first regatta of the 2016 Maui Race Series was a huge success. The BLUESMITHS Slalom Classic enjoyed 20-25 m.p.h. winds and epic racing. Slalom sailors competed in multiple divisions.  Pro, Semi-Pro, Sport, Age, Junior and the Womens fleets were all well represented.
I sailed 8 heats, 4 in the Women's division in the morning and 4 in the Semi-Pro division in the afternoon.  Yuki Sunaga and I had some excellent racing. I got all seconds to Yuki who proved to be too fast on the day. I would cut inside of her every buoy but she was faster in a straight line.  I used a 5.5 for first heat and 5.1 for the next 7 heats. I also enjoyed racing with my friend, Sam Bittner, she sailed well for 3rd place.


I tied for 5th out of 10 in the Mens afternoon Semi Pros. Getting knocked into the water from behind a few times did not help my overall score, it was exciting racing though!
I am most pleased to report that our 16 year old daughter, Sailor, won her division again this year. Her friend, Camille Erdman, also sailed very well and the two of them represented the Juniors (18 and under division).  Sailor would wait for Camille and the two of them sailed the course together. It was very sweet to see.  
Everyone is warmed up and in race mode now. Event #2, the DaKine Classic is scheduled to run June 25th. Yuki told me 'See you next week' so I am resting up my 50 year old self and thinking about how I am going to go harder...  It is really wonderful having such great competition because it makes you up your game, think of ways to improve. 

Thank you to the Race Committee and to BLUESMITHS (John Smalley) for hosting such a fun event.
Aloha from Maui, Tammy

Once again we did over 40 knts of max speed. That's very good for open water and gusty conditions.
Last Saturday in Kanaha Beach was the final day of the Maui Race Series for 2016, with the Meanline Fins regatta and State Championship combined into one day of racing.
Team MauiSails pulling some hardware at the Hawaii state championships.
Guadeloupe Islands are a great place for windsurfing
The BLUESMITHS Slalom Classic enjoyed 20-25 m.p.h. winds and epic racing.

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