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Great trip to Barbados

7th February 2008

Our Netherlands dealer just returned form incredible surf trip. Find out more about Barbados Island.

Great trip to Barbados from Windsurfing Renesse

About the Island
Language: English, Bajan (local dialect)
Currency: dollar, 1US$ = 1.98BDS$
Time Zone: GMT – 4hr
Coastline: 97 kilometer (60 miles)

Barbados is blessed with a near perfect climate. The island receives 3000 hours of sunshine and up to 1 meter of rain a year and the constant tradewinds help to keep the humidity and heat at bearable levels. The wettest season is from July to November when tropical fronts pass over the region. The wind is lightest at this time of the year. December – June is the driest and windiest period. Hurricanes are not really a risk in, they tend to pass further to the north. In the water you will be fine in just board shorts and a rash vest. Early morning sessions in the winter may call for a shorty.

Great trip to Barbados from Windsurfing Renesse

Nature and culture
Cruising around the island soaking up the scenery is an enjoyable way of filling the day. You will be captivated not only by the fine-grained sandy white beaches of the west coast but also by the rugged east coast. Stopping at one of the numerous small rumshops and village stores is the best way to meet the friendly local people. There is excellent surfing all year around. 8 Times world champion Kelly Slater is a regular visitor of the island. Good diving and snorkeling on the west coast. Lots of organized excursions like sailing with the Jolly Roger pirate ship, or going below the surface with Atlantic Submarines. The nightlife on Barbados is the best anywhere in the Caribbean . The Bajans love to party! Try Harbor Lights or Boatyard in Bridgetown . Or the Ship Inn and Mc Brides (famous for its “shake your ass contest” on Sunday nights!) at the St. Lawrance Gap. The Bajans dance like nowhere else in the world!

In some night spots you pay a US$ 15 cover charge after which all your drinks are free! The rum is said to be the best rum in the world. Friday night the locals head to the small fishing town of Oistins to the local fish market to start the weekend with a party not to be missed.

Great trip to Barbados from Windsurfing Renesse

Great trip to Barbados from Windsurfing Renesse

Barbados offers world class windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing, bodyboarding, skimboarding, diving, snorkling, sailing, kayaking, fishing, big game fishing, waterskiing, parasailing, powerboa tracing, jetskiing etc. etc.

Barbados belongs to the Windwards Islands, sitting east of the main Caribbean chain and about 350 km (220 mi) north-west of Barbados is called the "little England of the Caribbean" because of its British influence. Nevertheless, the islanders have given their own special twist to the British traditions, changing them with their Caribbean peace of life. Famous for its holiday resorts, clear blue water and white sand beaches and its rum it also has the eastern Caribbean's most consistent surf. Strong consistent trade winds 18-30 knots make it a great place for windsurfers and kiteboarders alike. Pro windsurfer Brian Talma is born on Barbados. Robby Naish and his kite team shoot their dvd “13 Dazes” on Barbados. Barbados offers something for everyone, from beginner to big wave rider. Barbados was for years the start of the PWA world tour every January. Many pro's like Nathalie Lelievre, Nathalie Siebel, Josh Stone, Robby Seeger, Bernd Flessner, Matt Prichard and Kelly Moore used to train their skills on Barbados.

Great trip to Barbados from Windsurfing Renesse

The ultimate Caribbean feeling, white beaches, turquoise water, wind and waves, pulsating night-life, reggae music, and fun-loving locals!
BARBADOS - that's where the action is!

Arjen de Vries

Great trip to Barbados from Windsurfing Renesse

Great trip to Barbados from Windsurfing Renesse

All those great photo were take by Chris Welch -

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