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Another year of our passionate daily ritual to the wind and surf of Maui's North shore has led to continued refinement of MauiSails state of the art wave lines. Tension and shaping relationships are carefully analyzed and adjusted where necessary to enhance perfect balance and optimum range. Extensive use of our high strength and light weight laminates and a reduction in seams yielded an overall weight reduction while maintaining great durability. New reinforcement details and sleeve graphic printing combined with stylish and functional sail body panel layout define the range. Last season we introduced the revolutionary "Mutant" four-batten ultra-compact wave sail with its combination of incredible maneuverability, excellent drive, power and range. Mutants quickly gained a strong following with dedicated wave sailors, making it one of our most popular. This sail is a game changer in terms of on-the-wave performance. The "Legend" remains the classic standard by which all other down the line wave sails are judged, delivering amazing wind range and a neutral feel in a variety of wave and high wind conditions. The Legend offers maximum high wind control. Evolved from the "Legend", but refined to benefit from the ultimate light weight, high strength Technora™ construction, the "Ghost XT" feels like it is barely there. This year we are using more Technora™, which combined with our new, lighter, custom optical x-ply and strategic shaving of fat brings the "Ghost XT"'s weight down to even more incredible levels. The "Global" satisfies the thirst of the power wave sail crowd, and for 2014 it benefits from similar construction improvements to the rest of the ranges, resulting in lighter weight and more responsive handling. The "Switch" six batten RAF design combines blazing freeride speed, with some bump and jump trickability making it quite versatile. We are very excited about the performance of the 2014 "Loco Pro" which has been redesigned around four battens in many sizes. Based on our testing and feedback from Taty, this is the most cutting edge freestyle sail on the water. The 2014 MauiSails lineup is the most progressive and refined to date. We are confident that the outstanding performance and top quality construction details will bring happiness to many sailors.

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2018 TR 2018 8.4

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SRS Race 100-K SDM 490

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MauiSails Boom Front End

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Adjustable Outhaul System

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SRS Carbon 55 SDM 460

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2017 Ghost CS 4.5

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Carbon Wave Boom
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Carbon boom backend pulleys

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Carbon Wave Boom
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2018 Inspire 2.0

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We are excited to introduce the full MauiSails range of sails for 2018. Leading the way in performance and quality materials, the 2018 range continues to offer all windsurfers a balanced and magical windsurfing experience.
Phil McGain with his Italian friend Agostino Lalla went for a windsurfing trip between Greek Islands.
An exciting day of racing last weekend at Kanaha beach park for the annual Hawaii State Championships. Winds had kicked in early and by the time racing started around 11.30am conditions were the best there was all year.
Couple of words from Tamara Bockius after winning third event of Maui Race Series that took place at Kanaha Beach Park on July 22nd.

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